Corporate culture

EASELIFE is a subsidiary of Sam international co., LTD., which has been engaged in the research and development of cutting-edge healthcare products in the industry for many years. Wenzhou gujie fitness equipment co., LTD. Is a research, production and sales of fitness massage equipment manufacturers.


The company has a number of experienced engineering and technical personnel and sales management team, perfect technical, production, management, marketing, logistics organization structure; In machinery, electronics, microcomputer, the human body health and appearance modelling, etc on the multidisciplinary integrated development capability, our each product is developed from traditional Chinese medicine health care massage principle, and has the characteristics of science and technology, fashion, human nature.


The main product line includes home massage chair, leisure business massage chair, massager, etc., and lead the industry to create the leisure business series. EASELIFE has a professional and perfect r&d team, and each of our products has been developed with the organic combination of human biological technology, Chinese medical care technology and modern technology. The appearance of fashion is not our only pursuit, comfort, cheap, humanized service is the goal of our unremitting efforts. EASELIFE products have already passed the certification of ISO9001, CE, ROHS and GB4706. And exported to China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Australia, Italy, France, South Africa, Iran and other more than 20 countries and regions, after years of credit management, to win the good reputation in the international market. In order to allow more Chinese consumers to enjoy our excellent service, Sam international co., LTD., in 2006, signed a contract with wenzhou gujie fitness equipment co., LTD. Designated as the sole manufacturer of EASELIFE brand China. Responsible for the production, sales and service of EASELIFE brand.


We adhere to the cultural concept of "innovation", "harmony" and "pragmatic", and are committed to the healthy and sustainable business model. Each of our products is a healthy messenger, which brings you an easy, considerate and comfortable health experience.

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